Client : Goyal Haryana Group
Status : Completed
Area : 2000 sqft
Location: Bangalore

Orchid Piccadilly Marketing office

Minimal and sophisticated, this office is a breath of fresh air with its colour blocks and clean lined-furniture. Free of fuss and opulence, it makes a statement of less is more. Solid pastel wallpapers and oak wood and cement tiles are the primary material. The use of several verticals carefully positioned gives the space a theatrical feel in a minimal way, making it seems like the screens would almost slide open and expose a different set. This is evident when one sees the entirety of the compositions from the outside.

The multiplicity of these partitions allows each colour to stand out vividly and also sets the tones for a customer coming in to view the apartments that lie above. The marketing office gives a little taste of practicality, functionality and affordability in union with aesthetics; all the things one wants in their home.