Workspaces | allonville

Client : Goyal & Co
Status : Completed
Area : 1000 sqft
Location: Bangalore

The Allonville marketing office is tale of contrasts.The minimal design is juxtaposed against lush flora.At waiting area, bright rounded chrome yellow bucket chairs sit atop a stark white floor; a voluptuous white lacquered reception table is against a white convex partition; the same partion become concave on the other side which is a conference room that has an angular white table and sleek white chairs. The two areas on either side of the screen are also contrasting in shape. While one side is rounded, the other side is oblique. Whiteness binds them. To prevent harsh sun light from seeping in, a shaded smoky film is pasted on the windows and it’s soft gradient gently moves from opaque to transparent making the space look fresh and alive. At dusk, the office exudes radiance and luster, making it shine like a jewel in the darkness.