Client: Wipro
Status : Completed
Area : 2400 sqft
Location: Bangalore

After walking though the campus, we understood and felt strongly an overall aura of grace, simplicity and naturalness.Nature was left undisturbed and so the campus itself was an inspiration to us. We decided to use materials and colors as natural as possible.The final palette consists of heritage wooden flooring that resembles an old church floor; the walls are amour coat (a composite wall finish made from sand, cement, and stone bits etc) in a travertine finish; the ceiling consists of radial sections of banana fiber segmented with teakr afters; the furniture and door style is colonial using wood and cane;the buffet counter uses travertine marble; the blinds are designed natural linen fabrics;and finally the lights are made with papier-mâché.The pièce de résistance of this dining area is the central screen that is used to divide the space in to in the event of multiple events taking place simultaneously. The outdoor consists of simple black colonial chairs set along black iron lampposts. The area radiates austerity and calm in discreet way, not disturbing anything around it but instead camouflaging itself into its surroundings.