Workspaces | FADD/TPL

Status : Completed
Area : 900 sqft
Location: Bangalore

Inspired by the an oilslick, surrealism and nature, this office pays special attention to details and is full of surprises. Unconventional in design, it not only uses materials in a unique method, but also uses unexpected elements in place of common ones. The floor is grey cement but stands out because of stained pigments. The base of the conference table is stacked and painted scrap wood and the colour of each cabin table is picked from here. The most evident element of this unexpected design is the reindeer robe hook, which is used as the door handle to each office! The reception equally surreal with an image an elephant wearing an Englishman's hat floating on a cloud. We thought it was unique, inspirational and a very out of the box image; much like the work of the people who inhabit the office!