F&B | Misu

Client: Amit Ahuja
Status : Completed
Area : 1200 sqft
Location: Bangalore

While Misu may mean a water ripple, the Misu interiors are a breath of fresh air and light a spark when you enter the space that is spired by earthy colors and elements of nature – water, wind, earth and fire. While the concept itself if inspired by nature, the implementation of the concept and finally the outcome is refined, polished and chic. The two sides of the narrow space is clad in strips of glass in a colour gradient of blues, browns, greens and greys. The flooring is grey with a carpet like tile leading the eye to a stark painting of a little coy Asian girl. The ceiling mirrors reflect the tinted glass and the simple wood/metal furniture. Another highlight is the ice-sculpture style lights inspired by the shape of Asian lanterns. Amongst an array of industrial and kitsch restaurants, Misu stands out with its sophistication and international sensibility.