Client : Puja & Pallav Nadhani
Status : Completed
Area : 2,850 sqft
Location: Bangalore

A striking foyer with its Persian blue castle-like door and crawling sofa lead into a French-English styled living room primarily of blues, whites and grays.The walls are a cool azure with white paneling and the room doors are a powder blue imparting a soothing, light and fresh feel to the whole space. Soft and saturated vintage prints highlight the whole living room that houses a contemporary stark white sofa in the center. A narrow passage, a gallery of sorts, leads to three bedrooms that echo the softness of the living area but in three different colours – lilac, olive and beige. A shaded blue bookshelf provides for a perfect backdrop for the oak dining table with bright blue upholstered chairs and antique temple bells (the dining lights), which are white and patina – needless to say, the clients favourite colour is blue!