Client : Goyal Haryana Group
Status : Completed
Area : 20,000 sqft
Location: Bangalore

This dramatic clubhouse resonates a sense of rich earthiness and intricacy. Polished and rough Kota flooring laid in a distinct geometric pattern wraps the whole floor and creates a semi-reflective texture in which other elements are revealed. The asymmetric pattern on the rusted metal jail of the entrance, the grand wooden doors with beaten brass handles, the soft grey putti walls, the stiff metal circular entrance chandeliers, the rugged rope passage chandeliers, the pastel hand-painted leaf bar, the kora and leather furniture, the veneer lights, the laterite wall, the woven dining and outdoor furniture, and the oversized brass pot, are all carefully chosen actors to shape the space into a luminous and theatrical stage which uses light and shadow as it’s directors.