Residential | R HOUSE

Client: N/A
Status : Completed
Area : 6,000 sqft
Location: Bangalore

This three story home combines neo classical architecture with midcentury modern interiors; and it’s use of mature pastels broken with motley art make it a breath of fresh air.
The shell is neutral with attention to detail and also choice of materials. The entire flooring of the house is wood only broken by vintage pattern tiles in the dining-kitchen area. The staircase is also solid wood with white railings. The overall look and feel resembles an English style home. Most walls of the home are painted in a soft ‘greige’ (grey+beige) and a white cornice ends it with perfection. The bedrooms use soft olives and lilacs; the dining room has a teal kitchen and a refurbished antique dining table set; the living room is white and coral with color coming in from the floral coffee table, the floral blind and the abstract art; the family room is a teal and olive combination with reclaimed art. A combination of mature pastels and fine detailing, this home is a paradigm of understated elegance.