Client : Karthik,Prathna & Nidhi
Status : Completed
Area : 5000 sqft
Location : Bangalore

If our studio were to be inspired by a name, then "Sotally Tober" would have had to be the first! While we were most definitely sober while conceptualizing the space, the concept itself was on a total high! The facade with its gravity defying chairs will make anyone, inebriated or not, stop in their tracks. The feeling of surprise is only elevated after entering the space, which is completely covered in Jackson Pollok style drips, sprays and splashes. Each seating cluster is unique with it's own color and its very own suspended lights. Most lights are elements picked from the kitchen – whisks, ramekins, baking trays, mason jars, bottles, and even teapots!! To break some of the color blocks, some chairs are also hand-sprayed with vibrant colors. This concept continues outside with the painted furniture against a ribbed cement wall. This quirky, bold and all-encompassing concept of soft splashes and sprays of blues and grays lend Sotally Tober a totally cool vibe with energy, rhythm and drama.