Residential | SOTALLY TOBER

Client : Karthik,Prathna& Nidhi
Status : Completed
Area : 3315 sqft
Location: Bangalore

The second edition of SotallyTober quite literally took a page from its predecessor. Having it’s walls covered with pages and it’s facade adorned with stacked books with cheekily altered titles referencing the underlying theme of SotallyTober makes this version equally quirky.

We knew that the “Soto” chains would all have to have a singular theme running through them but that theme would not necessarily have to be a repetition of visual design; it would be a repetition of the concept. In the first Soto we took inspiration from Jackson Pollock and other artist whereby we drip-painted the entire interior and used colour blocks for furniture. In this Soto, our starting point was another art form – writing. And that’s why you will see pages of several vintage dictionaries decoupaged on all the walls of this wonderfully enchanting and uniquely rendered space. In the very first impression, there is strong industrial optic which soon fades after seeing the delicate details behind the grills which form a protective barrier for the decoupage and funny drinking phrases made with neon lights. Behind each metal arch, a simple illustration is hand painted as if doodled by the user of the book.

Big reclaimed beams run across the space and enhance the old-world charm that already comes from the walls. The flooring is a combination of pattern tiles and wood tiles. The bar, almost an island, separates the indoor from the outdoor and stands in the centre with its bold black metal frame work. Simple wooden furniture compliments woven bistro chairs. The whole sent up is fairly monochromatic with the black mesh, cream pages with old stains, distressed wood furniture, brick walls and dreamlike white lights.