Residential | House on a Cliff

Client : Avez
Status : Completed
Area : 12000sqft
Location : Goa

The architecture of the home is angular to get the best views of the ocean and these angles are reflected in the arms of the home; and thus, in the way the materials are laid. The lower level has a terrazzo floor and the angles of terrazzo lines change direction along with the home. Similarly, the saw cut rafters and each bay shifts as the home turns. The zig-zag feel with this earthy material creates a play of modern and rustic themes. The light taupe terrazzo floor and the saw cut teak rafters are separated by cement finish walls that are mildly nuanced with 2 hues, a light beige and a nude. These 3 elements – the floor, the wall and the saw cut rafter ceiling – set a tone of underrated sophistication.