Residential | Kessaku 16

Client : Sejal Jain
Status : Completed
Area : 10000 sqft
Location : Bangalore

Kessaku 16 is located in a luxurious gated community in a lovely green suburb of Bangalore. The design process, from brief to execution was led by a strong direction toward a contemporary Indian sensibility. Subliminally, it feels like we were guided by the Indian Bindi – it’s deep crimson colour and perfectly round shape evident is little details like the door handle, the main door, the mirrors, – and it’s deep-rooted cultural significance. The deep red foyer, with the black and red furniture and the intense red colour of the main door are intimate and bold. The red is again repeated in the pixeled marble inlay that leads you toward the Puja room. Immediately, a white, cream and red palette is experienced. On the left is of the Puja room is a surprisingly open and airy living room with a double height. Furniture from Saba Italia and Lignet Roset that sit atop a Carpet Kingdom rug bind the space in their warm and light tones. A stunning piece from Smith Moksh provides the most powerful and striking backdrop for the whole setting and enhances the earthy yet contemporary feel. The lotus leaf of the lotus flower, also a significant flower of India, in that particular simple shape and material enhance the theme of modern Indian design.  On the left is the dining room in neutral colours with furniture from Catellan Italia.  Opposite the Puja room, on either side of the door are two circles, reminiscent of the Bindi share. One is a customised decorative piece and the other a mirror. These along with the red circular door handle of the main door provide a tryptic of sorts, of repetitive circles that evoke a sense of calm. The bedrooms are in hues of deep blues, greens, mustards ranging from simple solids to botanicals and fun prints in the kids rooms. Plans play a big role in bringing together the freshness, homeliness and a sense of completeness to the home.